Halo Couture vs Other Temporary Hair Extensions

Why is Halo Couture better than every other temporary hair extension? Because it absolutely will not damage your hair!

Other Temporary extensions cause hair loss

Clip in Hair Extensions are very popular. However, clip in hair extension wearers will complain that their scalp hurts after wearing clip in extensions all day. Also, if your hair is fine or thin, you may have to tease your hair up to give the clip on the clip-in hair extensions something to grab on to. All of this teasing and having heavy hair hanging from your natural hair by clips is very damaging! The pain that clip in hair extensions experience is the tension on the hair follicles from the weight of the extensions hanging from their natural hair. Halo Couture Extensions do not hang from your natural hair! Halo Couture Extensions hang from a miracle wire that hides discreetly on the top of your head so there is never any weight put on your natural hair! It’s as safe on your natural hair as wearing a headband or hat!

Beware of any type of hair extension that puts excess weight on concentrated areas of your natural hair. Excess weight on your natural hair causes a hairloss condition called Tension Alopecia, in which your hair is lost as a result of tension on the follicle of your hair. By choosing quality hair extensions that are made specifically for frequent use such as Halo Couture Temporary Extensions or Hairdreams Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions, you’ll enjoy the longer and fuller hair and never have to worry about it causing damage to your natural hair!

Tape in hair extensions have become popular in recent months; especially since major chain salon Visible Changes started offering these temporary hair extensions for $150-$300. However, clients should beware of these extensions that, like clip in hair extensions, put concentrated wieght on small areas of clients natural hair. In addition to the concentrated wieght being applied to clients hair by these extensions which, like clip in hair extensions, are “hanging” from the clients hair; tape in hair extensions are applied with a sticky adhesive tape. Of course, putting anything sticky in your hair is risky (remember getting gum stuck in your hair as a kid?!). These tape in hair extensions are a mess to remove. Often, a large quantity of the clients natural hair remains stuck in the tape and is broken off or pulled from the clients scalp. Ouch!

Halo Couture is 100% safe on all hair types

Unlike clip in, tape in, glue in, and braid in hair extensions- Halo Couture will not damage your own hair because it is not even attached to your own hair! by hanging from an invisible wire that hides well even under thin hair, Halo Couture Extensions do not put any wieght on your natural hair! All the wieght of the extensions is on the thin miracle wire. Also, there is no messy glues, tapes, or teasing needed. There aren’t any clips! Wearing a Halo is like wearing a hat or a headband- perfectly safe no matter your hair type!

Halo Couture uses
No Clips! No Glue! No Tape! No Damage!

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